We Offer Broad Services

We offer very broad Services in Our Clinic. We consult largely on Aesthetic Dermatology and Clinical Dermatology. Dr. IM Macharia is not only motivated to treat you but is also committed to see some brilliant glow on your skin as he follows through your treatment process.


    This entails being seen personally by one of our doctors to make a prompt diagnosis of your skin ailment. Our Chief Dermatologist is very attentive to skin detail which enables him make a very precise diagnosis.

    To book an appointtment with us kindly call, text or whatsapp us on any of the phone numbers indicated below.


    With our state of the art facilities and the incorporation of broad medical research help we are able to attend to you. Dermoscopy entails using a dermascope to image the skin. This helps our physicians dealing with skin tumors to improve on early diagnosis of melanoma.


    Cryosurgery/cryotherapy is the application of extremely low temperatures to destroy abnormal or diseased tissue and is used most commonly to treat skin conditions such as tissue lesion


    A punch biopsy is a medical procedure that we use to acquire tissue for laboratory examination, usually through tissue culture or microscopy, by taking a punch-size piece of skin from the body.

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